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Insurance Options

Implant and Periodontal Professionals strives to keep fees as low as possible for the benefit of our patients. Fees are established based on the exceptional skill, time, judgment, professional care, and office environment provided by Dr. Schmalz, as well as her staff. Our commitment is to continuously provide the best treatment available, regardless of insurance involvement.

Acceptance of Insurance

We work with all dental benefit plans and are considered an unrestricted and “Out of Network” provider. This does not mean that we cannot treat you or that you will not be covered under your current dental plan. It simply means that your out of network benefits will come into play. Most dental plans have an annual maximum benefit between $1,000 and $1,500 that applies whether or not you go to an in network or out of network provider.

Pre-Treatment Estimates

We are happy to submit a pre-treatment estimate to your insurance company. This estimate is requested using future treatment plan information and supporting materials (radiographs, periodontal charting, etc.) to estimate what your current policy will cover for those future treatment plans. Please keep in mind that a pre-treatment estimate is not a guarantee of payment from your insurance provider, but  will provide a general idea of what your coverage would be for the procedures that have been recommended for you. It is important to note that your insurance company may work to limit their liability through the use of frequency limitations, yearly plan maximums and their UCR fees (usual, customary, reasonable fees). UCR fees are determined by the insurance company and are not often a reflection of the usual fees charged by area dentists, but another way for insurance to limit their payments. So while your plan may state that the company will reimburse 80% of a procedure that means they will reimburse 80% of the fee chosen by the insurance company, not 80% of our fee.