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Full Arch Implant Restoration

A Full-Arch restoration replaces your missing teeth on the upper or the lower jaw with an acrylic or zirconia restoration that is supported by dental implants. The implants provide a secure anchor for the prosthetic (tooth portion), with a stable connection to the jawbone, allowing the implants and restoration to function like healthy natural teeth in most cases. This solution can be cost effective, natural-looking, and provides a substantial improvement in function compared to a traditional gum supported denture. Additionally, dental implants replace the lost tooth roots, which can help to preserve bone and facial structure today and in the future. Dr. Emily uses X-Nav, a fully guided implant solution along with DyNavTM to create full-arch restoration solutions.

The X-Nav system uses advanced technology to provide real-time 3D navigation during implant surgery. This allows for better visualization of the implant site and more precise placement of the implant. It also ensures that your implant treatment is pre-planned in precise detail so that your treatment outcome is predictable and successful.